Spectrum advises companies to develop contingencies for Spill Issues

With businesses placing more and more focus on the importance of safety in the workplace, Spectrum Engineering Solutions is urging businesses to think ahead and consider the impact of spills, large or small, by having fast-acting and environmentally responsible solutions in place.oil spill


Spectrum Engineering Solutions is a specialist provider for equipment for environmental management needs, and is now able to offer these contingencies to companies with organisations able to order their extensive range of spill solution options online.


Spill control products come in many forms from non-absorbent (sand and granules) to more dangerous solutions that can affect your health (granules). Safety is obviously extremely important to companies, but the impact on the environment is also a very significant factor to consider.


Stuart Lindsay, Managing Director of Spectrum Engineering Solutions, believes that businesses understand the importance of safety, but can implement more contingencies to underpin their safety regulations.


Stuart said:


“Our industry-leading range of spill solutions are a perfect example of how companies can plan ahead in case of any situations that create a risk to employees or the environment. Our extensive range covers a variety of spill solutions from Formaldehyde spill kits and many more specialist kits for containing and absorbing other hazardous liquids to Super Boom fabrics which are for marine protection. We can also help companies with more specific requirements, so if you’re looking for something in particular then please just get in touch!”


Spectrum also offer solutions dedicated to working on or near water or for hard surface areas. Spectrum’s diverse solutions can be explore in more detail at https://www.solveitwithspectrum.com/environmental-solutions/spill-control-3/ and if you have a more specific requirement then contact us on 01786 823099.