High Performance Composite V-Belts

High Performance Composite V-Belts – Designed to Outperform

The high performance composite V-belts are uniquely designed and incorporate custom composite materials which provide a number of time and cost saving benefits to maintenance engineers and equipment designers.
The unique quick connect belt designs provide for easier and faster belt installation, even on captured or restricted access drives. Belts are easily made up to the required length by hand, in seconds and can be rolled onto a drive just like a bicycle chain. No need to dismantle drive components.

Product Applications

  • HVAC Drives
  • Stone Conveyor Drives
  • Bowling Centre Pinsetter
  • Airport Baggage Handling
  • Stone Saw
  • Fuel Transfer Pumps
  • Woodworking Equipment

Product Users

  • Glass Manufacturers
  • Warehousing
  • Tile Conveying
  • Wood Conveying
  • Packaging
  • Washdown
  • Bottling Plants
  • Pumps and compressor service companies

Added value solutions for your Conveying Systems

  • Quick Installation: Belts are easily made to the required length and installed in minutes without dismantling drive system components.
  • Low Maintenance: High tensile strength; low stretch. PowerTwist also requires no lubrication.
  • Longer Life: Outlasts conventional rubber belts in tough conditions. Unaffected by extremes of temperature, water, oils, grease and common industrial solvents.
  • Reduce V-belt stock: the belts are made to length on site, eliminating the need to purchase and hold numerous different spare endless belt lengths.
  • Broad Product Range: Whether your application requires reduced contact surface, high grip, abrasion resistance, non-marking, high temperature, oil and chemical resistance, anti-static, there is a specialty belt to meet your needs.

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