Keyless Bushings & Specialty Locking Devices

With the best customer support in the industry and a huge inventory of product ready for same-day shipment and access to top class engineering expertise and manufacturing agility allow us to provide innovative solutions to difficult products. So if you are having difficulty finding a replacement Shrink Disc for your Turbine we can deliver.

B-LOC Keyless Bushings

Completely eliminate the problems associated with traditional component mounting technologies, B-LOC Keyless Bushings offer the following advantages;

  • Keyless frictional connection
  • Infinite radial and axial adjustment
  • Easy Installation and removal
  • Backlash free connection
  • Transmits shock and torque reversals
  • Transmits reversing bending moments

B-LOC Shrink Discs

These can accommodate most industry standard coupling hubs or flanges, gearboxes with hollow output shafts, or certain other similarly configured transmission components. They offer the following advantages:

  • Keyless frictional shaft/hub connections on shafts from 16mm to 1,016 mm diameter
  • Provides a high capacity interference fit with all the positive features of conventional interference fits, but without their assembly and dismounting problems
  • Provides extremely concentric and well balanced connections
  • Permits simple axial and angular timing
  • Offered in Standard, Light and Heavy duty series
  • Also available in Split and Half Shrink disc designs.

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