High Speed Gearboxes

Gearbox 3Spectrum Engineering Solutions can offer specialist repair, modification and production of gearboxes, gearwheels and all related components for all gearbox types and brands. With the highest quality in the shortest possible lead time anywhere in the world.

Products and Services

  • Design and production of gearboxes for marine and industrial applications, specially designed to meet specific customer requirements with very short delivery times.
  • Repair and reconditioning of gearboxes of various make or type
  • Repair and reconditioning of compressor, pump and turbine gearboxes of various make and type
  • Design and production of gear wheels
  • Inspection, condition monitoring and diagnostic services
  • Workshops and machine shop facilities strategically located in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Dubai and Singapore

We can supply solutions that will work with equipment from the OEMs of Kuypers, Brevo, Rademakers and Conrad-Stork

To discuss how we can help your business, contact Spectrum Engineering Solutions on 01786 823099 or email us