Hard Surfaces

Since its launch in 2006, Spill Hound super absorbent has been proven to be effective in workshops, shipyards, car parks, bus stations, councils, power stations. Customer benefits include ease of use, reduced waste costs and better value as this can be recycled several times over. This environmentally friendly product, from sustainable source is safe to use and carries no allergen risk.

Site Mat: Site mats are easy to store and fit in all plant and equipment situations. They are sturdy, effective in spill collection and allow the free-flow of rain water through the products side walls whilst retaining the spilled material.

Grab Bags: Your First Response:
Grab Bags contain everything you need for a first containment response to a spill, in environments which are inaccessible, small, or mobile (vehicle fleets). From PPE to hazardous waste bag, the Grab Bag gives you all you need at your fingertips to take action.
Grab Bags are easily carried to location with the included shoulder strap and are also suitable for wall or vehicle mounting.

IBC and Drum Storage:
Did you know that current legislation requires stored hazardous liquids in excess of 200 litres to have secondary containment? Coming in all shapes and sizes we have many different Spill Pallets for the safe and compliant storage of Oil Drums and IBC’s. Durable make in reinforced plastic with high visibility colouring for increased safety.