On or near water

Spill Hound Marine: The environmental answer to spills on water
Spill Hound Marine is a 100% cellulose absorbent that has been developed to deal with spillages of Hydrocarbons on water. Spill Hound Marine is biodegradable and manufactured from recycled materials which are harmless to animals and aquatic life. Once applied the super buoyancy of Spill Hound Marine will ensure effective removal.   It will absorb oil from water by selectively absorbing hydrocarbon-based products Spill Hound Marine helps reduce the sheen (rainbow) often left on the waters surface.

Super Boom: High performance super boom for marine protection

For removing oil and hydrocarbons from water or land. Suitable for marinas, rivers, lakes, docks and all bodies of water. Manufactured with a strong polypropylene external net fabric, complete with metal links. Quick and easy to deploy, Prevents further contamination, Easily joined together to produce a larger length of boom.

Skirted Boom: An oil-only marine boom that allows free flow of water while capturing hydrocarbon contaminants.

Supersweep: it’s fast, effective and very compact. When you are in a hurry and need to stop a spill quickly, simply throw some Super Sweep into the boot of your car and get there fast, deploy the system and you have started the control process.

Silt Fence: For the control of sediment runoff from construction sites during active construction. Silt fence slows the water long enough to cause sediment to drop out, allowing water to pass through the fabric