Rainwater Harvesting

rainsavaRainwater Harvesting is the sustainable, environmental and economic choice that offers an alternative to purified drinking water for non potable use. Rainwater can be used for toilet flushing, laundry, sprinkler systems, vehicle cleaning and yard washing. This results in significant savings in buying in potable water.

Environmental Advantages

  • Utilisation of a valuable natural resource
  • Filtered rainwater can be utilised for non potable applications
  • Reduced demand on the mains water supply
  • Can form part of a SUDS solution- storm water management
  • Low power requirements

Advantages to You

  • Savings of up to 50% on mains water usage
  • Reduced utility bill
  • Designed for low maintenance
  • The financial benefit begins immediately
  • Savings year on year as water bills continue to rise.

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