De-Ice 20l Keg


“De-Ice” remains effective to lower temperatures than salt – as low as minus 35°C

With its’ residual properties “De-Ice” provides refreeze protection overnight and is used in much smaller quantity – providing a cleaner, safer environment..

  • Convenient re-sealable 20 litre keg (15kg)
  • Generates heat for ultra-fast melting
  • Clean, simple to use
  • Effective to much lower temperatures than rock salt
  • Coverage up to 400m² and suitable for all hard surfaces


A granular compound which reacts chemically with the water in ice and snow, generating heat as it does so. The speed of ice melting has to be seen to be believed! “De-Ice” is ideal for use around hotel reception areas, car parking access, pathways in visitor attractions and retail environments. In fact, anywhere where slip hazards from ice may exist.