All blower parts made of cast aluminium. Non-contact and oil-free rotating impellers. Silencers on inlet and outlet side with base plate as standard.

Maintenance free and performance adapted squirrel cage rotor motors to IP54. Various accessories as connectors, welding and threaded flanges, fine filters, pressure and vacuum relief valves and supplementary silencer units.

  • Side Channel Blowers for up to 17.5m³/min and 590mbar
  • Low Pressure Radial Blowers for up to 95m³/min and 2,700Pa
  • Medium Pressure Radial Blowers for up to 142m³/min and 10,200Pa
  • High Pressure Radial Blowers for up to 100m³/min and 20,000Pa
  • Conveying Radial Blowers for up to 64m³/min and 6,800Pa


Typical applications include cooling, heating, drying, blow off, suction, conveying, aerating/ventilating and vacuum generation.

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