Spectrum Engineering Solutions has been providing innovative environmental solutions for many years. As engineers, we like to think that when we have found the best solution available, we should make it known. So whether you are searching for effective water treatment solutions, spill control or even some humble cleaning products, we will have a solution for you:

For cleaning chemistry that really works we have the solution. Vegan, solvent free, zero-VOC clean your environment without destroying the environment.

Remove fats, oils and grease from your waste water systems and earn £££’s

Manufactured from natural fibres Spill Hound is the fastest, cleanest and safest way to clean up oil spills on the market.

Whatever your pollution we have the solution. Let us help you with your Trader Action Plan and keep you compliant.

A granular compound with exothermic (heat generating) action which gets to work immediately on contact.

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