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We offer a uniquely designed floating tube skimmer that lifts fats, oils and grease and leaves behind the water with no oil residue.

Several hundred manufacturing plants in the U.K., currently benefit from using our skimmers for fat, oil and grease harvesting. Typical oil collection rates are approx. 40 litres/hour for light oil such as diesel, and up to 300 litres/hour for thick, viscous oil such as chicken fat. Moreover, we can guarantee virtually no water residue in the skimmed oil.

Financial Advantages

  • Concentration of waste oil before disposal results in reduced requirement for and cost of waste removal by outside contractors.
  • Reduction in landfill tax on disposed waste.
  • The re-sale value of skimmed oil can pay for the skimmer within months.
  • Eliminates costly and time consuming manual skimming methods.
  • Continuous removal of oil, preventing oil build-up or escape, reduces the likelihood of environmental penalties.
  • Revenue from bio-diesel manufacturers as they want the fat oil or grease dewatered.
  • Improved efficiency of water treatment plant.
    No expensive tankering off site.


Operating Advantages

  • Versatile rugged construction, with many available mounting systems, including a uniquely mobile unit for multiple applications on a single site.
  • Virtually no maintenance and minimal requirement of low cost spares.
  • No mechanical components in contact with the contaminated water.
  • No pumps, filters or rollers to clog.
  • Very low percentage water pick up in the skimmed oil, typically less than 1%
  • Unaffected by solid debris, chemical contaminant or temperature.

Removal and transport of animal and vegetable oils and fats for further processing or disposal.

Reclaiming waste oil before further processing, discharge or disposal. Correctly designed skimming systems remove oil without removing much water thus reducing oil disposal.

Where waste oil from leaks, spills and other sources must be retrieved from sumps before water can be discharged to storm or sanitary sewers.

Tramp oils in coolants, such as those for machining centres, reduce the life and effectiveness of the coolant, and can lead to machine malfunctions. Skimmers used in this manner typically return their initial investment within just a few months.

Quench oils which must be removed from treated parts can be captured for re-use or disposal, resulting in lower oil costs, prolonged wash water life and lower oil disposal costs.

Tramp oils must be removed from wash so the water can be recycled or discharged, and so parts won’t be coated as they are processed.

Where floating oils are present, industrial oil skimmers can provide an inexpensive and effective means of removing the oil.

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