Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters

No need to water wash your Turbines again! Our Principal Eagle Filters have developed a filter media that preserves the compressor efficiency by preventing degradation due to fouling. We can supply high quality filters especially for the offshore oil market and onshore combined cycle power plants. The patented Eagle Filters filter media is many times stronger than standard fiberglass and polyester reinforced fibreglass. It maintains its strength even when wet. The Eagle Filters pleat packs keep their shape also in high humidity whilst other EPA filter materials pleat packs bend and increase ΔP. Other benefits include:

  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Increased production
  • No salt entrance into the compressor


Contact us now and we can start to

  • Analyse that current situation
  • Design the technical and economical solution
  • Deliver the equipment and filters
  • Give technical support throughout the life time of the filters
  • Save you thousands of pounds a year

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