Waste Water Treatment

Spectrum Engineering Solutions provide a broad spectrum of bespoke solutions for all types of water treatment and effluent issues.

Whatever your challenge we can find the right solution

Our approach is simple and straightforward:


Invite us on to site to review the effluent system and discuss the problem.


Let us have a 5 litre sample to examine in the lab.


We shall submit short report and outline solution.


Site trial to prove and submit costed solution.


Install solution.


Save money and relax knowing your effluent is under control.

Everyone’s manufacturing process is unique which creates a unique effluent problem-and we will customise the solution to best meet your needs. Our top priority with effluent treatment is to ensure you meet compliance with the lowest possible cost. We build the solution from the ground up so that:

Overall we will save you TIME and MONEY.

Some of the solutions Spectrum Engineering Solutions has offered in the past for customers facing rising costs for disposal and pressure from the water authorities regarding their effluent have included:

We have a proven track record in Improving our customer’s plant reliability, lowering running costs, labour costs and hazardous waste disposal costs, improving environmental performance with the use of the following tools: Coagulants, Polymeric flocculants-produced by the largest manufacturer in the World, pH control-HydraFlex and AlkaClean high strength acids/alkalis, DuoClean-available in IBCs and bulk tankers, tgranular, powder, pellets, Membrane filtration, Oil Skimmers and Biological cultures.

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