Energy from Waste Case Study

Waste can be broadly defined into four separate categories:

  • Animal waste (manure)
  • Household waste (general rubbish)
  • Food waste (both household and supermarket waste)
  • Commercial waste (tyres, glass, paper)


Many processes which generate power from these wastes produces methane through an anaerobic digestion process. Our machines are commonly used through this digestion process to clean and pressurise the methane ready for generating power. This is very similar to the process we have perfected in the sewage industry – where our machines have been operating for over 60 years. This uses the same anaerobic digestion as waste.

Energy from Waste

We have also been involved with pyrogas projects, burning other types of waste to produce energy. The great advantage of our product is its robustness – with no vanes to clog, or oil which may get contaminated it is the perfect product to deal with dirty and corrosive gasses often given off by these processes. Two Anaerobic Digestion (AD) processing plants have been developed in Greater Manchester as part of the largest waste and recycling contract in Europe.

Our team delivered the Design, Manufacture, Installation, Testing, Dry and Wet Commissioning of two Skid Mounted Air Blower Packages and four Digester Gas Mixing Compressor Packages (duty & standby).

Key features of our package include:

  • Each package comprises dry, oil-free, positive displacement rotary compressors, drive motors, inlet filters, safety valve and switches.
  • The compressors are purpose built for the specific duty and use a unique rotor shape.
  • The rotors do not require lubrication and run without mechanical contact, making them oil free, ensuring no contamination of the process gas.
  • The digester skids also include closed circuit water-cooling system.
  • All packages and associated equipment are fully compliant with PED and ATEX

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