Spectrum Engineering Fans

Centrifugal Fans

Typical applications include combustion air aspiration, machines and working station exhaustions, air conditioning technology, refrigeration technology, air supply of drying installations and process engineering.

The compact and modular construction design of the centrifugal fans allows a variety of different fixtures and fittings. The robust construction guarantees a high level of safety, reliability and availability.

  • Low Pressure Fans for up to 87,000m³/hour and 3,100Pa
  • Medium Pressure Fans for up to 99,000m³/hour and 5,400Pa
  • High Pressure Fans for up to 115,000m³/min and 9,000Pa
  • Extreme High Pressure Fans for up to 104,000m³/min and 13,900Pa
  • Conveying Fans for up to 29,500m³/min and 6,100Pa

Axial Fans

Casing of sheet-steel hot dip galvanized or painted with welded flanges, impellers made from aluminium or plastic and low-maintenance squirrel cage motors to IP 55.

The fans can be supplied in clockwise, anti-clockwise rotation or reversible and are direct driven with conventional foot motor B3 with variable execution, 2-step speed variable, and are stepless by frequency converter.

A variety of accessories like connectors, feet, dampers etc are also available and special designs for specific applications, e. g. for higher media flow and ambient temperatures, with improved corrosion protection, with sealed housing parts, for special voltage and frequency can easily be accommodated.

Medium Pressure Fans for up to 168,500m³/hour and 1,350Pa

Typical applications include:

  • conveying of high air volumes at low and medium system resistance
  • extracting fumes and vapours
  • cooling apparatus and machinery parts
  • ventilation of rooms
  • forced air supply for gas
  • oil and coal fired systems
  • drying parts of various size and composition
  • supplementary cooling of electric machines

High Pressure Fans for up to 145,000m³/hour and 5,200Pa

Typical applications include:

  • conveying of high air volumes at higher system resistance
  • ventilation of installations with higher system resistance
  • air supply for drying installations
  • ventilation of rooms/buildings

Roof Fans for up to 67,000m³/hour and 1,100Pa

Typical applications include:

  • Exhaustion of air from halls/buildings

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