New Pump Sales

With over 20 years front line experience in supporting and supplying pumps and fully backed up with the resources of the manufacturers we represent Spectrum Engineering Solutions can deliver all your pumping requirements.

Pumps Solutions from Spectrum Engineering

Submersible Sewage Pumps which are designed to handle sewage and waste waters containing high levels of solid matter in suspension. They are generally recommended for use in applications such as sewage works, municipal sewerage and drainage systems.

Submersible Axial Flow pumps for Floodwater Drainage suitable for lifting large volumes of water at low heads. Applications include land and floodwater drainage, irrigation, intake pumps for power stations.

Split Case Pumps of a robust design and simplicity of maintenance make these pumps ideal for heavy duty applications such as clean water supply, mining and general industry etc.

Borehole Pumps excellent for lifting water from small diameter deep wells for private water supplies, irrigation, mining and offshore sea water lift pumps.

End Suction Pumps are the ideal solution for air-conditioning, general industry, domestic and municipal water supplies.

Vertical Multistage Pumps have a wide range of applications where water is required at high pressure such as boiler feed pumps, fire fighting sets and pressure cleaning systems.

Dosing Units and Systems if you are looking for preparation units, dosing, transfusing packaged units and tanks, agitators etc we have the technology to offer a reliable and robust system for all industries. The complete system and fittings can be sourced from the one stop.

Screw Pumps designed for supplying lube oil and sealing oil to turbines, large compressors and large gear sets.

Progressive Cavity Pumps offered by Spectrum are the best pc pumps for the food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Feed hopper pumps for high viscosity and non-fluidising products.

Double Diaphragm Pumps offered include a complete range of air diaphragm pumps from ½ inch (15mm) to 3 inch (75mm). In materials from Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), stainless steel (SS), Aluminium (AL), Cast Iron (CI) and specials with Hastelloy C, Alloy 20 and more.

In addition to spares we have a comprehensive spares program for Wilden®, Aro® and Rupp®

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