Spill Hound

Dealing with spills for many is a major inconvenience, taking them away from their core activities. Many spill products are not absorbent (sand and granules), hazardous to your health (granules) and just contribute to making a greater environmental mess. Luckily there is a fast acting, clean environmentally responsible solution: Spill Hound. Guaranteed to be the fastest, simplest way to recover oil spills and leave the surface slip free immediately.

Spill Hound is a super absorbent which is re-usable, recyclable and reduces waste to be disposed of. Spill hound is an economical and recyclable material which is an environmentally responsible solution as it is engineered from renewable resources.

Spill Hound is an innovative product range, specifically designed to clean up oil spills in (literally) seconds, harnessing the natural properties of an oil bearing plant and adapted them to become an incredibly fast, dust-free oil absorber.

Spectrum Engineering Solutions offer a number of Spill Hound products including:

Why Use Spill Hound?

Spill Hound is guaranteed to be the fastest, simplest way to recover oil spills and leave the surface slip free immediately. Since its launch in 2006, Spill Hound super absorbent has been proven to be effective in workshops, shipyards, car parks, bus stations, councils, power stations. Customer benefits include ease of use, reduced waste costs and better value as this can be recycled several times over. This environmentally friendly product, from sustainable source is safe to use and carries no allergen risk.


  • Volume of waste to landfill
  • Man hours to clean-up spill
  • Leaves surface slip free hence reduces slips, falls and sprains
  • Arrests spills immediately reducing contaminated area


  • Re-use up to 6 or 8 times
  • Re-use on different hydrocarbons (engine oil, diesel, petrol, paint etc)
  • Re-use on different surfaces


Using the spill hound recycling centre allows you to:

  • Have the product ready to re-use
  • Keep the area clean and tidy
  • Ready for rapid deployment

Due to its unique wick ‘n’ lock system the spilled material is compelled by a powerful wicking action to coat the fibres. The unique locking action is the crucial difference between spill hound and conventional absorbents, once coated with oil the fibres exert a powerful capillary suction which locks the oil in the fibres. i.e. it wont let the oil go.

From a broader environmental viewpoint, Spill Hound can be summarized as follows:

  • Super fast action cleans up oil spills in seconds
  • Superb oil pickup and retention
  • 100% dust-free
  • 100% nut-free (some ‘natural’ absorbents use nut processing residues that can cause severe allergic reaction)
  • Selectivity for oil, even in damp or wet conditions
  • Fully renewable
  • Fully sustainable
  • Made in the UK
  • Recommended for companies that have sustainability targets, waste reduction targets and recycling targets.

Spill Hound Starter Kit

Spill Hound Starter Kit