Educational Establishments

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Spectrum Engineering Solutions provides a full range of specialist cleaning products which will meet the needs of educational establishments. Specifically, we recommend the following products:

  • Bio blocks – urinals deodorising
  • Bio Brick – fat digestion
  • Bio blast – stain removal on soft furnishings and mattresses
  • Centre clean – hard floors and upholstery
  • Clean kill – kitchen degreaser and sanitizer
  • Crystal blue windows and mirrors/glass
  • Dash – wooden surfaces
  • Floor Klenz – tiled and hard floors for stain and grease removal – application by machine or by hand
  • Infection control – spill treatment for all body fluids on soft and hard surfaces, contained in a handy portable bag
  • Multi – san wipes
  • Multi –san spray – non hazardous food safe disinfection and sanitising
  • Revive plus – refreshing tiles where replacement is too expensive
  • Solve free – heavy duty degreasing kitchens, fryers, canopies
  • Strip ease – floor scrubber application to remove build up of polish and wax on hard floors
  • Valett – upholstery cleaning by hand or low foam (LF) for machine use

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